WVU Tech has entered an exciting era of revival and rededication. In 2010, new mission and vision statements were created and from that emerged a new 5-year strategic plan. The 2015 Strategic Plan was centered on seven strategic initiatives from which seven work-groups were formed, each headed by a member of the WVU Tech Cabinet. The work-group leader put together a team of faculty, staff, and students recruited from volunteers to flesh out the initiatives and come up with a detailed 5-year plan. Dr. Guy Vitaglione, Chair of Psychology was brought on board to coordinate planning efforts. The implementation of the plan proceeded through the first year and the Year 1 Progress Report was issued in July 2011.

The Tech Revitalization project was initiated by the Higher Education Policy Commission during the summer of 2011. The resulting report and revitalization committee recommendations, along with the launching of WVU 2020 Strategic Plan, provided Tech with new directions to explore and launched a new planning process which flows from the Year 1 progress on the original 5-year plan.

Please join us as we strive together to accomplish our strategic goals and fulfill the vision. As our work-groups begin to implement the plan, they will need your feedback. Periodic updates on our progress will be posted here.

For questions or other information about WVU Tech’s strategic planning, please feel free to contact me.